Bucket Bags – everywhere

Even people that are not that much into fashion must have recognized bucket bags everywhere by now.

You can go for a vintage model – where Louis Vuitton is cool again.


Or just be as fast as you gotta need to be to get one of the good prices Mansur Gavriel Bags that are restocking every three month and are available in many nice colors where you can choose many different inner colors to the bags (not just the bucket ones). They are around $450 to $700.

Another nice alternative with a good price are the very clean looking Coccinelle Bucket Bags.

Egypt – Hurghada

For the first time in my live I choose to go on a all-inclusive vacation just to sleep & relax and not having to care about anything else.

So Natasa and I went to Hurghada – Egypt. Because of the political situation we were not able to plan something at the ancient cultural sites and experienced 3 days out of 5 how army jets started from the airport in Hurghada. Besides that we lives in a surrealistic tourist bubble – called „Al Leila Wa Leila 1001 nights“ – a very nice oriental hotel.

We had a great time even trough in some ways we found less than we expected – e.g. not being able to go into other hotel bars and there really being no cultural spots not made for tourists like us in the city „center“ – on the other time flew by so much faster than expected and there was enough stuff to do for us during these 5 days (eating, drinking, swimming, sun, read, trying out scuba diving…).

I probably won’t go on a vacation like this again – but for that time it was the right thing to do for me and the hotel really was a good choice (I would also recomend the partner hotel next to the beach – Dana Beach Resort).

Perfect Fall Bootie Kennel & Schmenger

Searching for a nice high quality and not looking like all the other booties with a big medium high heel that are pointy I found the Tyra boot from Kennel & Schmenger and fell in love with it.

The design is perfect a bit different but classy at the same time and the quality and leather is very nice – Its around € 240.

Copenhagen (& Malmö)

Pentecost weekend in Copenhagen

I always wanted to visit Copenhagen and so I did for the last long weekend.

We were lucky to have perfect travel weather all the time – around 22°, mostly blue sky and many concerts were held next to a nice public park.

We lived in Nørrebro and explored the whole city by feet! for two days. We saw everything that is advised by travel guides and developed a good feeling for the city.

I´d say, that it is one of the nicest cities I´ve ever been to.

On day three we went early to the airport, checked in and visited Malmö for a few hours by train.

You will find my favorite pictures from the trip – chronologically sorted – below.

Bags with and without chains

Chanel – Bags, there is nothing left to say.

Out there are tons of influenced bags on the marked from many different brands.
Here is a short selection of my favored bags – first Chanel only, second alternatives from Prada, Yves Saint, Miu Miu, Coccinelle and Furla. Most of them are available in multiple beautiful colors and for some there a variations available in the stores, that I wasn´t able to find in the eStores (Miu Miu with a different more exclusive and fashion body and Prada´s second bag with a cain instead of a belt).

All Pictures are from the companies websites.


I just visited Lisbon for one week. I managed to see all mayor attractions and get a good feeling for the city. I did most tours by feet. While meandering through alleys you probably get the best impression of the city and will find many beautiful spots. I could have stayed in Lisbon for weeks just sitting in different small bars at viewpoints or next to the Tejo. The cities beauty and old history is present everywhere, even through many houses are run-down and empty.
I would recommend to everybody to visit Lisbon and stay there a little longer than you might think is necessary.


I visited Milan for the first time, just after I went to Bern. The weather was amazing for march and presented the city from its best side.
I went to some shops, thanks to globalisation, this is getting less interesting – the shops are the same everywhere.
The cathedral was gorgeous and impressive and getting up on the roof, relaxing in the sun and enjoying the view is a must do.
Sadly I did not apply on time (at least one month ahead) for tickets to get a glance on Da Vincis last supper, which is a great excuse to come back.
All interesting spots are in walking distance in the center, this way even the shortest trip to Milan is enough to get a good feeling for the city.


Strolling around Berns old town for one day. I tried to spot the bears, did a amazing tour at the Berner Cathedral and went to big work party at the Kornhauskeller, which is a great location for big events.


This is one of my favorite salad vinaigrette recipes. I usually produce it in a larger amount so I always have some on spare. It last very long when you keep it in the fridge.


3 portions orange juice
2 portions oil
1 portion vinegar
3 spoons salt
3 spoons horseradish (optional)
3 spoons mustard
1 spoon sugar / honey
some pepper
fresh garlic
herbs (fresh or use frozen garden herbs or french herbs)
2 potatoes / mondamin for the consistence

I prefer to use potatoes over mondamin. You can easily cook potatos in the microwave where it only takes 4-5 minutes (use a bowl with a bit of water inside).
Mix all the ingredients together and then the vinaigrette is ready to be served.