Search for a desk

I´m looking for a new rather small desk for my new apartment, here are some of my favorites.

USM Haller

a typical office desk available in many colors and sizes and things can be installed to it (e.g. a lamp on the tip of the leg)


 Thonet S 285 / 2

A classic Table designed by Marcel Breuer during the 1930s, unfortunately very expensive. Available in black and white.

Thonet s285

Muji (manufactured by Thonet)

Remindes me of the s 285 and the melamine tabletop feels very nice. Also available in light grey.



Designed by Egon Eiermann during the 1960s. The hight is adjustable and the frame and tabletop are available in different colors and sizes.


Hay Copenhague

Available in four colors – green, white, black and grey and there is a full wood and full black version.




Muji wood

Very stable frame in light grey available with two different tabletops melamine vs. wood in 120 x 60 cm.



I try to always bake my own bread. The recipe is super easy and fast to make (5 minutes work & about one hour to wait). Just after the bread is done, it´s very good to eat it with salt & butter.


1 cube yeast
450 ml water, lukewarm
500 g whole wheat flour
2 tsp salt
2 tablespoons vinegar
50 g of sunflower seeds
50 g of sesame
50 g of flaxseed

Grains may be omitted or exchanged (raisins, almonds, nuts).


1. Stir yeast with water, then add all the other ingredients and stir them.


2. Put the dough into the form. I use a silicon form for this, this way you don´t have to grease  the form.


3. Directly put the form into the oven.

4. Bake 60 min at 200 ° top / bottom heat, or 50 min at 170 ° hot air. DSC_1201