Bags with and without chains

Chanel – Bags, there is nothing left to say.

Out there are tons of influenced bags on the marked from many different brands.
Here is a short selection of my favored bags – first Chanel only, second alternatives from Prada, Yves Saint, Miu Miu, Coccinelle and Furla. Most of them are available in multiple beautiful colors and for some there a variations available in the stores, that I wasn´t able to find in the eStores (Miu Miu with a different more exclusive and fashion body and Prada´s second bag with a cain instead of a belt).

All Pictures are from the companies websites.


I just visited Lisbon for one week. I managed to see all mayor attractions and get a good feeling for the city. I did most tours by feet. While meandering through alleys you probably get the best impression of the city and will find many beautiful spots. I could have stayed in Lisbon for weeks just sitting in different small bars at viewpoints or next to the Tejo. The cities beauty and old history is present everywhere, even through many houses are run-down and empty.
I would recommend to everybody to visit Lisbon and stay there a little longer than you might think is necessary.