Egypt – Hurghada

For the first time in my live I choose to go on a all-inclusive vacation just to sleep & relax and not having to care about anything else.

So Natasa and I went to Hurghada – Egypt. Because of the political situation we were not able to plan something at the ancient cultural sites and experienced 3 days out of 5 how army jets started from the airport in Hurghada. Besides that we lives in a surrealistic tourist bubble – called „Al Leila Wa Leila 1001 nights“ – a very nice oriental hotel.

We had a great time even trough in some ways we found less than we expected – e.g. not being able to go into other hotel bars and there really being no cultural spots not made for tourists like us in the city „center“ – on the other time flew by so much faster than expected and there was enough stuff to do for us during these 5 days (eating, drinking, swimming, sun, read, trying out scuba diving…).

I probably won’t go on a vacation like this again – but for that time it was the right thing to do for me and the hotel really was a good choice (I would also recomend the partner hotel next to the beach – Dana Beach Resort).

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