About Me


Welcome to my page.

I´m a thirty something living in Hamburg with a wide range of interests and a high aesthetic feel.

In 2005 I left my hometown, Hannover, to study Economic-Mathematics in Munich. After two semesters I decided to switch to Mediainformatics with new Media Economics as my second mayor, both at the Ludwig-Maximilans-University Munich. I graduated in 2012 with my main focus in human-computer-interaction.

After my studies I worked as a software engineer & consultant for a swiss company for 1,5 years, primarily for the telecommunication and insurance industry. In 2014 I started working for Netlight Consulting in Munich, a swedish originated IT Consultancy, with them I had the chance to be party of opening up a new office in the city of my „child dreams“, Hamburg, where I moved end of summer 2015. I´ve worked as fullstack developer within eCommerce, car sharing and comparison plattform, but am continuously shifting from scrum master to product owner and management positions – and focusing on the fintech Industry.

I engage a lot within our internal Initiative – vostok, caring about gender equality, empowering women to believe in themselves and believing in #competenceHasNoGender. I believe in #leadership instead of management by titels.

With my move to hamburg, I finally managed to do my sailing licence and enjoy training whenever I can. Besides sailing I enjoy yoga, running, interior, fashion, traveling, nature, photography, architecture and care about nutrition and quality & sustainability.

This blog is as pointfull or -less as many of its kind. besides I´ll share all kinds of things with you on this blog that are somehow related to my interests.

I hope you´ll enjoy it.


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